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6 Canal Side Spots to Vitamin D Binge Out East

Weather wise, living in Britain has sharpened our internal barometers to be prepared for any eventualities that the sky gods throw at us. So when the sun perks up at the last minute, we're outside faster than that intoxicated city bloke running for that last train home. But alas, where to go? Thames-side spots will be crowded, parks are fun until you need the loo and pubs with the ‘not so secret’ beer gardens are, well, meh. Instead we’d suggest absconding from all of the above and checking out these East London watering holes housed along the serene canals.

By Hannah Evans

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5 London Cafes with a Conscience

There was once a time, back in the 17th Century or there abouts, when coffee houses were a place for debate, political progress, and social change. Today, it’s more about the complexity of the floccywoccyameritripleshotextradecaffsugarfreelightsyrupcino on offer, the convenience of a location, and the reassurance of knowing exactly what you’ll get.

But in certain places there is a bubbling of something new. The importance of connection, community, and experience all seem to have become more prominent in how people make their choices of where to eat and drink. They don’t only want to fuel their body, and enjoy themselves, but contribute towards a wider social good. It’s not enough to just serve tasty food (although it helps); cafes with a conscience contribute to a wider social commitment that helps build and develop the awareness of others. 

By Francesca Baker

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A Guide to Rotterdam: The Better Option for a Dutch Weekend Break

For those of you who still think Amsterdam is Holland’s trendiest spot for a weekend break, think again. Meet Rotterdam: the edgier younger brother of the family, a hipster paradise bursting at the seams with brunch spots, artisanal coffee roasters, vintage shops, record stores and a killer art scene. A mere 45 minute flight from London, Rotterdam is on the way to becoming Europe’s hottest city - so we suggest you get in there before the tourists find out. Not convinced? Here’s a taste to whet your appetite.

By Elly Viner

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5 Matcha Latte Spots to Avoid that 3pm Caffeine Crash

For all those caffeine lovers that HATE that 3pm post coffee crash, we have your solution. It’s green. It tastes amazing with some coconut milk. You guessed it, it’s that staple of hipster cafes everywhere - matcha! Hailing from lovely Japan, matcha is made up of stoneground green tea leaves (so think green tea on steroids). So strong that you actually only need 1/2 a teaspoon per serving, here are the benefits: It’ll give you more of an antioxidant boost and more of a natural energy buzz than that punch in the face feeling you get with coffee. Going beyond beverages, you can add it to pretty much anything to get that natural spring in your step. Examples include: matcha crepes matcha muffins, matcha energy balls, matcha macarons…. The list goes on. Focusing specifically on it as a substitute for coffee, here are the top 5 places that absolutely nail a matcha latte.

By Sari Morein

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Five Homely Neighbourhood Joints to Ease You Off the Sofa

You know those days when it’s a struggle to heave yourself off the couch, when the prospect of the tube strikes fear into your heart, while visions of the Netflix logo leave it feeling all aglow? Well, sometimes it’s good to succumb to those impulses. But now that summer’s arriving, it might be time to finally dig yourself out of your rut and get out and about – you’re going to have no excuse in a month’s time. Before you whip yourself up into a pyjama-clad panic, fear not: we’ve got a selection of the best chilled-out joints in each 'hood to ease you back gently onto the scene.

By Rachel Hall

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