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5 Options For Your Late Night Dessert Fix in London

Sometimes after a long day at work all we want is a sugar fix. Screw the diet. Screw the clean eating. Heck, just screw anything savoury what-so-ever. We want sugar and we want it now. Queue our round up of the best late-night-sugar-fix-obliging hot spots in London.

By Sadie Elford

Basement Sate | Soho

What do we want almost as much as we want sugar? You guessed it – cocktails. Basement Sate knows how to cure those work woes, with the perfect pairing of desserts and cocktail served up in a moody underground haven. Dimly lit and with an air of ‘private members club’ about it, this is the perfect date spot for when the thought of a sit down meal is just a little too daunting. Go for the gin based ‘Jessica Rabbit’ to wash down the ‘Ultra Colada’ dessert; coconut cake with roasted pineapple, coconut mousse and reduced pineapple and lime heart. Served rather suavely with a side of rum caviar. This is a dessert dressed to impress. 

The Rosebery Lounge Evening Afternoon Tea | Knightsbridge

No that isn’t a typo, we did mean to write ‘evening’ afternoon tea. Finally, all your afternoon tea prayers have been answered. No more waiting for weekends and bank holidays to indulge in this quintessentially English tradition. You can now ditch dinner in favour of scones and pastries galore at the exquisitely chic Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The Café at Hotel Café Royal | Piccadilly

A restaurant solely dedicated to desserts. It’s a London first and brought to you by the iconic Café Royal. With three different themed tasting experiences, at least one’s a sure set way to thrill any sweet-toothed Londoner. A world of sweet treats in the illustrious and decadent surroundings of the Hotel Café Royal makes for an immersive experience, that’s for sure. Take a trip down memory lane and ignite childhood memories with the aptly titled ‘Memories of Childhood’ and be treated to the likes of a ‘strawberry and cream lollipop’ like you’ve never tasted before. 

Pollen Street Social | Soho

Pollen Street Social is a contemporary, sophisticated dining experience. We say sod that - run like a child in a candy store and make a beeline for their Dessert Bar.  If you are one of the lucky diners who nabs a stool right in front of the action, you’ll be treated to a theatrical display of desserts being created right in front of your eyes. But be warned, these stools are a bit like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets i.e. they’re very hard to come by. Find a way - the banana soufflé with rum and raison is well worth whatever you have to do.

Ruby Violet | Tufnell Park

Summer is here (believe it or not) and although we are all-year-round ice-cream eaters, there is something a lot more appealing about having an ice cream when basking in glorious sunshine. So why not head to Ruby Violet’s Parlour to satisfy your sweet tooth with a great big helping of ice-cream or sorbet. Think flavours such as masala chai, Seville orange marmalade ripple, and elderflower and prosecco. It’s all made daily in small batches using seasonal fruits and all British produce so their flavours are a) forever changing and b) might not be around for long.