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An Idyllic Yoga & Detox Retreat at Court Farm

London is a great place but let's face it, we all get those moments when we need time out from the gritty (usually rainy) city, replacing it for an important dose of R&R. To add to the general idea, it's a welcome shout if you're headed somewhere close. Switching the manic run to the airport at some ungodly hour of the morning with a welcome train or drive away - for all intents and purposes let's say to Somerset's countryside. Plus, if you come away feeling on top form having sweated out all the toxins from intense dynamic yoga sessions and healthy eating mixed with proper nights sleep in extremely comfortable beds, fact is you'll be sad you ever had to leave.

Cue Jess and Cloudia's yoga retreat at Court Farm, Somerset. For the fine tune of an all inclusive £400 (3day, 2night weekend stay*) you'll find yourself with the luxurious yet homely get away. Logistics wise, you ideally take the half day off from work on the Friday, head down there for the afternoon - car / train should take 2hrs - ready to power into one of Cloudia's yoga sessions followed with a healthy dinner. What's great about the classes is the variety; stronger morning sessions followed by less intense afternoon ones plus meditation in the evening. And of course, any questions you have will be answered. Then comes the food - thank you Jess for your epic cooking talents. Everything is fresh, in some cases from the garden, and will leave you thoroughly sated given Jess's keen wish never to let anyone go hungry. You'll also have the option to book massages and take trips to the local spots. For example on the Sunday driving the 20 minutes to Bath and spending the day there was a great ending to what had been a brilliant weekend yoga retreat. Definitely coming back. 


The next retreat is on Friday 11th November to Sunday 13th November. Book here.

By Pascale Barget