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5 Matcha Latte Spots to Avoid that 3pm Caffeine Crash

For all those caffeine lovers that HATE that 3pm post coffee crash, we have your solution. It’s green. It tastes amazing with some coconut milk. You guessed it, it’s that staple of hipster cafes everywhere - matcha! Hailing from lovely Japan, matcha is made up of stoneground green tea leaves (so think green tea on steroids). So strong that you actually only need 1/2 a teaspoon per serving, here are the benefits: It’ll give you more of an antioxidant boost and more of a natural energy buzz than that punch in the face feeling you get with coffee. Going beyond beverages, you can add it to pretty much anything to get that natural spring in your step. Examples include: matcha crepes matcha muffins, matcha energy balls, matcha macarons…. The list goes on. Focusing specifically on it as a substitute for coffee, here are the top 5 places that absolutely nail a matcha latte.

By Sari Morein

Good Life Eatery | Chelsea

A cafe that knows how to whip up delicious food with only the healthiest ingredients. Already known for their amazing juice selection, their matcha latte is the new hot (literally) item on the menu and can be paired perfectly with any and every breakfast dish on the menu.        

Slate Coffee | (They’re moving locations so stay tuned)
Their secret ingredient aside from the matcha itself? Coconut milk. It tastes like you’re having dessert at 7am, but without the guilt or those “it’s too early for that” stares. Every matcha latte lover is anxiously awaiting their new location for some of that sweet, sweet goodness.

Detox Kitchen | Soho
A good size for a good price. The lovely people at Detox Kitchen take their matcha seriously, and know that people typically crave seconds and thirds, so why not offer them a good amount the first time around to really satisfy that craving. Offering alternatives too (both soy and almond), you really get a bang for your buck here.

East London Juice & Co. | Shoreditch
Although it doesn’t specifically say ‘matcha latte’ on their menu, the green latte is pretty much the same thing but with some extra bits of healthy goodness including some kale, spirulina, and wheatgrass. As it takes a few minutes for them to create this concoction (each one is made with love, obviously), you can also peruse at their gorgeous wellness crystals.

Tombo | South Kensington

Tombo. AKA the matcha king. It’s the first authentic Japanese cafe and matcha bar around. We’re talking more than just tea and lattes here— they offer matcha milkshakes, matcha lemonade, and matcha ice cream! And to pair any of those options with their delicious Japanese dishes is one of the mainly reasons they hold the #1 spot in our hearts. Their homebase may be in the West End.. but rumour has it they have a pop up coming to Liberty,