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An Idyllic Yoga & Detox Retreat at Court Farm

London is a great place but let's face it, we all get those moments when we need time out from the gritty (usually rainy) city, replacing it for an important dose of R&R. To add to the general idea, it's a welcome shout if you're headed somewhere close. Switching the manic run to the airport at some ungodly hour of the morning with a welcome train or drive away - for all intents and purposes let's say to Somerset's countryside. Plus, if you come away feeling on top form having sweated out all the toxins from intense dynamic yoga sessions and healthy eating mixed with proper nights sleep in extremely comfortable beds, fact is you'll be sad you ever had to leave.

By Pascale Barget


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The fitness genius that transformed me from fat to fit

Running a food and drink blog come app over the last few years has made it challenging to keep fit. When it’s your job to eat out the weight realllllly packs on. It’s a problem that I hear so many Twenty-Somethings complain about regardless of their profession. Sitting for 10+ hours behind a computer munching on snacks takes its toll too. Once we leave uni and head into the working world we don’t have the same time to keep up with sports and just generally keeping active. 

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The Club Hotel and Spa in Jersey

The Channel Islands have always been one of those destinations that's intrigued us but it's never really been the first place on our minds when planning a holiday. When we got invited to check out The Club Hotel & Spa and their Michelin star restaurant, Bohemia, we jumped at the chance.

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3 London Summer Festivals For Something a Little Different

We love festivals, but elbowing our way to the front of a muddy field to can get a little tiring sometimes. As an alternative we've hand picked the crop of London's upcoming festivals especially for you. Featuring street parties, busking, al fresco cinema, life drawing, fashion and comedy, we think they’re a breath of fresh air. And you can even leave your wellies at home.

By Clare Ebberson

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The Best of Berlin: A Travel Guide for Twentysomethings

A recent summer jaunt to Berlin confirmed to us that Europe has few better cities for a long weekender. Feel like wining and dining with boundary-pushing, contemporary tasting menus? You can. Late night burgers at half the price of London’s? Easily done. Open-air bars with views across the Spree? We could go on and on. Long story short this city is the shit - don’t just go expecting beer houses and pork knuckles, especially not once you’re armed with this food & drink-centric guide.

By Mikey Williams, @epicuriousinlondon

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